The BS Viscosity Cups is a range of anodised aluminum viscosity cups with integral nozzle. Suited for measuring paints, lacquers and other fluids. (Note: the cup doesn’t have a stainless steel insert).

Product Description

According to (old type) BS3900: Part A6, 1971. This specification is replaced by BS EN ISO 2431/8S3900 part A6:1996 –( see BS EN ISO 2431 series of cups).


Code Orifice diameter Viscosity range Flow times
SH0070 – B2 2.38mm (0.09 ̋) 38-71cSt 30-300 secs
SH0127 – B3 3.17mm (0.12 ̋) 38-147cSt
SH0165 – B4 3.97mm (0.16 ̋) 71-455cSt
SH0201 – B5 4.76mm (0.19 ̋) 299-781cSt
SH0230 – B6 7.14mm (0.28 ̋) 781-1650cSt

Download catalog

TQC-Sheen BS viscosity cup catalog (pdf)