Corrosion Test Chamber

CCT Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

ASCOTT/made in England
  • Salt spray test chamber.
  • Cyclic corrosion test chamber.
  • Humidity test chamber.
  • Walk-in corrosion test chamber.

Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating thickness gauge

PHYNIX/made in Germany
  • Digital Coating thickness gauges.
  • NDT coating thickness gauge.
  • Fe-NFe Coating thickness gauges.
  • Paint thickness gauge.

Universal Testing Machines

Tensile testing machines

COMETECH/made in Taiwan
  • Universal testing machines.
  • Tensile testing machine.
  • Impact tester.
  • Surface hardness tester.

Material Testing Machines

Pendulum Impact tester

YASUDA/made in Japan
  • Geer Aging test chamber.
  • OZONE Aging test chamber.
  • Brittleness temperature tester.
  • Low-temperature impact tester.

Paint test equipments

TQC Sheen Paint test

TQC Sheen/made in Netherland
  • Paint R&D Laboratories.
  • Industrial and powder coating.
  • Protective and marine coating.
  • Temperature Oven data logger.

Salt spray test chamber

Alpha+/made in Britain
  • Salt spray test cabinet.
  • Humidity test cabinet.
  • Prohesion®Test .
  • Cleveland Roof.