Goniometer Pocket PGX+ measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy.The Goniometer Pocket PGX+ makes a drop in uL according to the size that is set.The drop is au­tomatically released and 80 Images per second are made. The instrument is used for paper & board,solar cell panels,windshields, metal cylinders and similar surfaces. For most tests deionized water Is used, however using other liquids is also possible.

Standard : ASTM D5946, ASTM D724, TAPPI T458

Product Description

• Easy to handle,small sized
• Full control of the test
• No sample preparation
• Registration on with 80 frames/ second
• Static and Dynamic Contact Angle,Surface”‘free• Energy,Surface Tension
• Multiple test fluids possible
• Runs on every Windows computer
• Power from USB connection

  • Model:                      68-76
  • Droplet Volume:       0,5-10 micro liter
  • Results:                      images and statistics
  • PGX+ software:         Included
  • Changing fluids:       Possible
  • Electrical:                  through USB -A connection
  • Dimensions:             90x55x90mm
  • Weight:                    500 g

Download catalog

Goniometer Pocket catalog (pdf)