• Two sizes, with either 500 or 1000 Litre internal capacities (16.6 / 35.3 cu ft).
  • Robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, a durable impact resistant material with strong chemical and corrosion resistant properties to ensure a long life.
  • Fully transparent and seamless domed roof providing 360° visibility, self-supporting when open.
  • Humidity standards DIN 50 017-KK , DIN 50 017-KFW, DIN 50 017-KTW, ISO 6270-2, VDA 621-421, ASTM D2247, BS 3900 Part F2

Product Description

Features :

  • Precise temperature controlled, high humidity environment. Water held in a sump located in the cabinet base, is heated by an immersion heater to generate water vapour.
  • As water vapour evaporates, it saturates the cabinet atmosphere with moisture. Test samples in the cabinet, below the dew-point temperature of the saturated air, will develop surface condensation.
  • By careful design the high humidity environment is achieved without the need for a circulation fan, which would otherwise have to endure the hostile, high humidity environment.
  • Safety cut-outs ensure the immersion heater is automatically isolated if the water reservoir runs dry.
  • User can program either a single set temperature, or automatically cycle the cabinet temperature between two different temperatures for user defined periods of time.
  • Automatic filling and topping up of the humidity water reservoir if connected to a pressurised water supply.


Model H500 H1000
Chamber size 500 Liter 1000 Liter
Temperature range Adjustable from ambient plus 10 to +55°C/+131°F
Chamber weight 130 kg 190 kg
Sample racks 5 racks 7 racks
Chamber construction Glass reinforced plastic, Polypropylene & PVC parts
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