Salt spray (also known as salt fog or salt mist) continues to be the corrosion test of choice for comparing actual product performance with expectations – usually in accordance with international test standards. This is, therefore, a very popular test for quality auditing.

Product Description
Premium models can perform the same basic salt spray tests as Standard
models, but in addition are equipped with extra features which enable them to undertake ‘modified’ tests such as ASTM G85.
Here conventional salt spray is usually combined with one other climate, in a two-part cycle. For example: salt spray and condensation humidity (SWAAT) or salt spray and drying (PROHESION).
Premium models have the same features as Standard models plus:
  • Touch-screen, full color user control interface, using intuitive icons for ease of programming and use.
  • RJ45 communications port for connection to a local area network (LAN) for logging and remote programming via a computer running optional Ascott software (ACC120).
  • A real-time, user configurable ‘clock’ to enable different test samples to have their exposure time monitored separately, with alarms to warn when preset test times have been completed.
  • Immersion heater housed in the base of chamber enables high humidity condensation conditions to be created, if required.


Model S120iP S450iP S1000iP S1300iP S2000iP S2600iP
Chamber size 120 Liter 450iS Liter 1000 Liter 1300 Liter 2000 Liter 2600 Liter
Salt spray Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/+122°F
Salt spray fall-out rates Adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 ml per 80 cm 2 per hour
Wetting mode Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/+122°F
Drying mode Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/+122°F
Chamber weight 76 kg 190 kg 255 kg 285 kg 330 kg 335 kg
Sample racks 4 racks with 23 slots 6 racks with 28 slots 8 racks with 46 slots 8 racks with 46 slots 16 racks with 46 slots 16 racks with 46 slots
Chamber construction Glass reinforced plastic, Polypropylene & PVC parts
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