This machine is encased with a cover enclosing the gears and other parts for operating the slide at a constant speed (3-4 cm per second) and the arm lifting mechanism. The needle arm is counterpoised and rigid to prevent whip or chatter at the ball-point.

The Mechanised Scratch Tester (SH0530) has been updated to offer the weight set required by ISO 1518-1.

Product Description
  • A 1mm tungsten carbide ball ended needle is held in a chuck at 90º to the test panel.
  • Weights providing increments of 100 g to 2 k g (0-20 N) mass are loaded above the ball ended needle (or stylus).
  • Additional weights up to maximum 10 kg loading are available as optional accessories for harder coatings.
  • Standard test panels (usually metallic) of 150 x 100 mm with thickness up to 1.65 mm can be used, however upon request provision can be made to accommodate thicker panels if required.

  • Mechanised Scratch Testers
  • SH0530:
    • Mechanised Scratch Tester – ISO 1518-1(230VAC, 50HZ)35 mm/s table speed, tungsten carbide hemispherical stylus, 20 N set of weights (2 x 0.5 N, 1 x 1.0 N, 2 x 2 N, 1 x 4 N and 1 x 10 N) and 1 spindle).
  • Accessories and spares:
  •  SH4811
    • Weight set for ISO 1518-1 (2 x 0.5 N, 1 x 1.0 N, 2 x 2 N, 1 x 4 N and 1 x 10 N)
  • SH4783
    • 2 kg Set of Weights (1 x 100 g, 2 x 200 g, 1 x 500 g, 1 x 1000 g) (superseded standard)

Download catalog

TQC-Sheen Mechanised Scratch Tester catalog (pdf)