This tester is especially developed for 90°/180° peeling test and friction test. Different angles can be adjusted, and tester can be connected to PC for better analysis and higher speed accuracy. It is light and space-saving and has a good accessory is available for stand-alone mode to access data rapidly.

ASTM D1000, ASTM D3330, ASTM D1894

Product Description

Features :

  • Automatic reading of load cell feature information
  • Automatic reading of displacement sensor feature information
  • force display, displacement display, time display, stress display and strain display
  • External analog input (2-channel simultaneous reading of voltage or current)
  • Test force automatically zero
  • Test force self-defined calibration
  • Break detection
  • Automatic return
  • Force overload protection


Model QC-507M1F
Maximum capacity 200 N
Units Force:gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)
Pressure : Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg
Force resolution 31bits
Force precision 1/100,000
Test stroke {w/o grip) 300mm
Stroke resolution 0.001mm
Speed range 5 – 600mm/min (adjustable by software)
PC-Port RJ45(TCP/IP) [software optional]
Sampling rate 400Hz (Max.)
Motor type Stepping motor
Hardware safety protection Upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop button
Feature *Automatic reading of load cell’ s information
*Automatic reading of displacement sensor’s information
*Externalanalog input (voltage or current)
*Protection from overload
Power Supply Single phase 200 – 240VAC, 3A
Dimension 92 × 30 × 32 cm
Weight 40 kg

Download catalog

QC-507M1F Horizontal testing machines catalog (pdf)