The TQC Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 Ford is a range of titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel viscosity cups with fixed stainless steel nozzle (inner cavity). the viscosity cups are suitable for laboratory use with a stand. Widly used for measuring paint, lacquers and other liquids.

Product Description
  • A relatively deep well surrounding the top of the cup serves to catch any overflow.
  • The design of the cup and orifice eliminate hard to clean recesses.
  • The outside dimensions have been chosen to support the TQC stands.
  • TQC viscosity cups are made under the continuing quality control procedures.
  • Each cup is provided with an engraved unique serial number.

  • Max. Width: 92 mm
  • Height: 74 mm
  • Weight 196 g (titanium anodized aluminum) ; 557 g (stainless steel)


Download catalog

TQC-Sheen Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 Ford catalog (pdf)