This series is capable for material and product tests that are 100-300KN in accordance with standards ASTM,ISO,JIS, and G6.The machine is equipped with Servo motor and precise transmission system and manufactured with rigid and endurable structure to withstand damage. Suitable types of material are metal, composites and material for architecture; a quiet testing environment and accurate test results are guaranteed.

ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 , ASTM D-76, DIN5122 , JIS B7721/B7733 , EN 1002-2, BS1610,GB T228

Product Description

Features :

  • Speed range 0.0001 – 375mm/min
  • Sampling rate 1200Hz (Max.)
  • Automatic reading of load cell feature information
  • Automatic reading of displacement sensor feature information
  • force display, displacement display, time display, stress display and strain display
  • External analog input (2-channel simultaneous reading of voltage or current)
  • Test force automatically zero
  • Test force self-defined calibration
  • Break detection
  • Automatic return
  • Force overload protection


Model QC-501M2F QC-502M2F QC-503M2F
Maximum capacity 300 kN 200 kN 100 kN
Units Force:gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)
Pressure : Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg
Force resolution 31bits
Force precision 1/100,000
Test stroke {w/o grip) 1100mm
Stroke resolution 0.0001mm
Space between columns 550 mm (680 mm, 800 mm optional)
Speed range 0.0001 – 330mm/min 0.0001 – 330mm/min 0.0001 – 375mm/min
(High and Low speed mode) (High and Low speed mode) (High and Low speed mode)
PC-Port RJ45(TCP/IP) [software optional]
Sampling rate 1200Hz (Max.)
Motor type Servo motor
Hardware safety protection Upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop button
Power Supply 3 phase 200 – 240VAC, 30 A 3 phase 200 – 240VAC, 20 A Single phase200-240VAC, 10 A
Dimension 140 x 66 x 235cm 140 x 66 x 235cm 120 x 60 x 220cm
Weight 1250 kg 1250 kg 800 kg
Feature *Automatic reading of load cell’ s information
*Automatic reading of displacement sensor’s information
*Externalanalog input (voltage or current)
*Protection from overload

Download catalog

QC-501M2F 502M2F 503M2F Tensile testing machines catalog (pdf)