QC-621K can measure characteristics such as fastness, hardness and wear resistance of surface treatment. For example, it measures resistance to wear or fading for samples with painting, plating, coating and dyeing treatments. White cloth, sand bar, steel wool and eraser are common materials for abrasion.

Product Description

The tester is powered by stepper motor and can perform abrasion at a regular speed, which is different from other abrasion testers moving in a simple harmonic motion with a limited test stroke. The tester can perform   tests   conforming   to   various   standards   under   different conditions such as speed, stroke, specimen, abrasion head and load.


Model QC-621K
Load 25×1, 50gx1, 100gx1, 200gx1, 300gx1,
500gx1, 1000gx1(Original load 200g)
Abrasion distance 5 – 150mm (Adjustable on control panel)
Maximum load 8kg
Abrasion head a.  Φ6.35mm   sand bar      c. Φ16mm   white cotton
b.  Φ16mm steel wool         d. specified by suers
Sample’s dimension Width: 20-200mm, thichness Max. 50mm
(Irreqular sample holder or flat sample holder are
Control panel Speed adjustable: 10 – 150mm/sec
Abrasion times adjustable: 1 – 99999999. Automatic
stop after test.
Power Single phase: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60HZ
Dimension 70×35×40 cm
Weight 46 kg

Download catalog

621K Surface hardness tester catalog (pdf)