QC-557 Short extensometer can measure metal, hard plastic of less than 50% elongation of material deformation. During test, it can measure complete test deform rate and do not dismantle it when during the test.

Product Description

Features :

  • It can clamp on the specimen to do break action and do not need to dismantle the extensometer for convenience to use.
  • It can be repair & maintenance and do not need to re-purchase new one when the extensometer has problem.

  • Gauge Length:25mm/50mm(switchable two gauge length)
  • Elongation: 100%(at 25mm)/50%(at 50mm)
  • With flat grip and round grip of accessories.
  • Can clamp the specimen thickness of 0-22mm and round specimen dia. 6-22mm
  • Can do test until the specimen broken and do not dismantle it.
  • Resolution: 0.5μm
  • Output signal: A, B differential output
  • Max output frequency:64KHZ
  • Input voltage: DC5V±5%
  • Weight:162g

Download catalog

QC-557 Short extensometer catalog (pdf)