The pendulum hardness test is based on the principle that the amplitude of oscillation of a pendulum touching a surface decreases more rapidly the softer the surface.


ISO 1522, ASTM D4366, NBN T22-105, BS3900 E5

Product Description

Two types of Pendulum are available. Both are based upon the same principle but differ in respect of dimensions, period and amplitude of oscillation.The type of pendulum that is supplied depends on what has been ordered.

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TQC-Sheen pendulum hardness tester catalog (pdf)

  • SP0500 -Base Instrument
    • Dimensions (H x W x D) 740 x 430 x 430 mm (closed cover); 960 x 430 x 650 mm (open cover)
    • Weigth 26000 grams
    • Material Stainless steel (front plate and small parts)
    • Powdercoatedsteel (housing)
    • Anodised aluminum (left panel)
    • Perspex (draft cover)
    • Power supply230 V / 115 V
    • Thickness glassplate6 mm

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TQC-Sheen pendulum hardness tester catalog (pdf)