This series is capable of tests with higher capacity.Tests conform to standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, GB. ISO 7500-1, JJG475-88 I ASTM E4 I ASTM A370 I DIN5122 I JIS B7721/B7733 ,EN 10002-1,EN 1002-2,BS1610,GB/T228

Product Description

The hydraulic control offers constant stress, strain and speed. Its rigid and solid structure stabilizes the test and reduces corrosion. Standard accessories are tensile, compression and bending grips, suitable for metal, composite material, architecture industry. The precise result and control meet user’s requirement.


Model QC-958 QC-956 QC-954 QC-952
Max.capacity 300 kN 500 kN  800 kN  1600 kN
Units   Force:gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)
Force resolution 31bits
Force Precision 1/100,000
Test Stroke(w/o  grips)  600mm
Stroke resolution 0.01mm
Piston stroke 200mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Space between columns 435mm 565mm 650mm 700mm
Speed range 0.5-50 mm/min
Speed precision ±2%
Motor type Servo hydraulic control

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Hydraulic Universal testing machine catalog (pdf)