This  machine  is  suitable  for hardness  flat  shape  of  polymer material, as  a  fixed sample or specimen trimming purposes. It needs to base on forming of appearance to make mold and take slightly larger than finished product of material clamp on the mold. The mold will be slow put into machine and cut out redundant of shape which is sample.

Product Description

QC-603I with precise track and mold that can reduce vibration and danger during operation. It also can base on material of properties to set up fast and low speed to doing   cut.   The   customer   can   choose   different   mold   to   replacement   with multipurpose purpose.


Model QC-603I
Material Hardness of polymer specimen
Horse power 600W
Cutting speed 99 sector speed change
Speed ragne 150~3500 rpm
Specimen thickness 1.5 ~ 15 mm
Capacity for mold Length: 25-280mm Width: 20-70mm Height: 30mm
Minimum   cutting   R
R=6 mm
Accessories 1. With one dumbbell shape cutter, customized shape is also acceptable but cannot be wider than 100mm and longer than 250mm.
2. With protection cover from cutter.
3. With vacuum function to assemble scrap keep it clean when operating.
4. Equipped with track to increase the stability, safety and
Power single phase, 110V or 220V (Specified)
Dimension 47 × 40 × 45 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 60 kg

Download catalog

QC-603I Hardness Specimen Cutting Device catalog (pdf)