Based on the Rotothinner design, the instrument is especially suited to assess the yield strength and consistency of thick paints, and other materials such as gels, pastes and putties etc. The sample is contained in a 250ml steel container, this is located centrally and secured on the table’s integrated magnets.

Product Description
  • Electronic constant speed control over the full range
  • Paddle spindle simple to install with quick release chuck, easy to clean
  • Safety height sensor preventing the rotor from rotating above the can
  • Sturdy construction for use either in lab or production line
  • Standard package: Viscometer, paddle spindle, 250 ml / Ø85 mm can.
  • 220-240V – 50 Hz

  • SH1117 Gel Strength Tester 414N
  • Standard Paddle (4 x 2 cm)
  • Sample container (250ml)
  • Product Manual

Download catalog

TQC-Sheen SH1117 Gel Strength Tester catalog (pdf)